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Smart Connected

A Better Way Forward for Manufacturers

Our Smart Manufacturing software is the synthesis of more than 12 years of working with the industry's most recognized brands in manufacturing. Our software enables you to predict, adapt, and react more quickly and effectively than ever before. Link design, engineering, manufacturing, supply chain, distribution and services into one globally scalable intelligent system– spanning HMI/SCADA, MES and analytics.

Challenges in Manufacturing

  1. 48 %

    Lack of Collaboration Across Different Departments
    Lack of Collaboration Across Different Departments
    Source: LNS Research, Manufacturers’ Top Challenges.
  2. 39%

    Disparate Systems and Data Sources
    Disparate Systems and Data Sources
    Source: LNS Research, Manufacturers’ Top Challenges.
  3. 39%

    ROI Justifications for Improvement in Investments
    ROI Justifications for Improvement in Investments
    Source: LNS Research, Manufacturers’ Top Challenges
  4. 38%

    Difficulty Coordinating Across Supply and Demand Chains
    Difficulty Coordinating Across Supply and Demand Chains
    Source: LNS Research, Manufacturers’ Top Challenges
    Smart Connected

    The Future is Now

    With the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), you can begin to solve operational challenges by connecting your assets, operations, and systems across your enterprise. Enter the IIoT platform.

    Real-Time Visibility, Insights, and Optimization

    1. Asset Visibility, Reliability and Benchmarking

      Asset Visibility, Reliability and Benchmarking

      Reduced downtime, improved utilization, reduced maintenance, repair and operations inventory.
    2. Energy Visibility and Benchmarking

      Energy Visibility and Benchmarking

      Reduced energy costs, improved production efficiency, improved performance, improved design.
    3. Traceability and Serialization

      Traceability and Serialization

      Reduced scope and impact of adverse events, improved inventory and manufacturing performance.
    4. Flexible Manufacturing

      Flexible Manufacturing

      Reduced lot size, increased customer responsiveness, increased asset utilization.

      Our software focuses on empowering decision makers with real-time visibility and deep operational intelligence. It supports insightful decisions with real-time quality and execution information. And it helps balance plant production automatically with product quality and profitability.

      Unlock Unprecedented Efficiency
      and Factory Optimization

      1. Efficiency Management

        Track OEE and Other Critical KPI’s

        Track and monitor OEE and other critical key performance indicators—downtime, waste, and production counts, MTBF, MTTR, and more. Correlate events and reasons to production parameters to identify root causes. Utilize standard and ad-hoc reports for real-time decision-making.
      2. Production Management

        Oversee Production Operations

        Production Management supports full traceability of individual products every step of the manufacturing process, allowing for auditable genealogy and production reporting. Control product flow between equipment, create product genealogy reports and reduce excess inventory.
      3. Quality Management

        Ensure Consistent Product Quality

        Quality Management helps your business objectives become manufacturing reality, with holistic performance management for compliance management issues. Ensure consistent quality in your products, with real-time trends, statistics, and notifications to control quality levels.
      4. Batch Analysis

        Comprehensive View of Batch Operations

        Increase the overall quality and consistency of products and enable a better understanding and control of variation in both new and existing batching applications. Present a comprehensive picture of batch operations in the context of the overall manufacturing facility.

        Outperform Goals by 9%

        Industry leaders are using software to digitize their processes for the visibility and data needed to make the most effective decisions and drive operational excellence. And look, they’re ahead in every category!

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        Improve Throughput and
        Control WIP Inventory Levels

        1. 10-20%

          Reduced unplanned downtime
          Reduced unplanned downtime
          Improved maintenance management with the Smart Manufacturing Suite at Dawlance Manufacturing facility. By equipping machines with sensors, maintenance happens based on operating conditions.
        2. -20%

          Decreased inventory
          Decreased inventory
          Reduced inventory 20% for a global Consumer Packaged Goods company.
        3. +20%

          Recovered capacity
          Recovered capacity
          20% capacity recovery for a key product category at a global chemical giant delivered a full year of deferred capital expenditure on a new production line

        Build Right the First Time

        1. Lean Production

          Track and Sequence Control

          Implement lean production based on real-time and changing constraints throughout your manufacturing facility. Tracker helps you understand the real-time sequence requirements, and handle situations that occur on the plant floor when the sequence is broken.
        2. Improve Inventory, Production Orders

          Gain Flexibility and Control

          Better manage inventory, production orders and routing materials with detailed data with Tracker—empowering your operators with real-time information and control of their operations. Accommodating a variety of production flow adjustments just got easier.

          Smart Connected Operations


          —  Plant, Asset and Product Design or Configuration (5,8)
          —  Inventory Levels and Flow (1, 3, 4, 8, 12)
          —  Quality Performance (4, 9)
          —  Assets Performance (5)
          —  Internal and External Operating Conditions Supplier Performance (1)
          —  Customer Demands and Requirements (12)
          —  Environmental Impact | Energy Use
          —  Mobile Enabled Employees with Collaboration and Optimal Decision Making (7, 13)
          —  Closed loop business process (13)

          Suite Products

          Smart Connected Manufacturing

          1. Smart Connected Manufacturing
            The IIoT brings together your people, processes ad traditional “things” like sensors, instrumentation, materials and assets. It enables true shop floor to top floor integration, allowing for the flow of data to help you make decisions that optimize performance.
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            About PROSYS

            PROSYS has been a long-time leader in promoting
            lean Six Sigma practices and developing cutting-edge manufacturing software. We paired this approach with the latest IIoT concepts and created even newer software applications to help keep manufacturing “Smart”.